In Earth we trust…

Earth Hour…

Does that
mean anything to you? Or do you think that earth hour is just another piece
propaganda made by the environmentalist? Hmmm….

Think for a

Do you
bring small tote bags everywhere you go?

Do you at
least bring them (the tote bags) to supermarkets every time you go for grocery


Do you feel
bad for not bringing them every time you forget to bring them and at least try
to bring them next time?

No to all
of the above??

Come on!!

At least
you do try to reduce the amount of plastic bags that the cashier gives you

Still a

What about
using both sides of the paper for printing, or photocopying?


I know you switch the lights off when you leave your room right?? everyone does that right? right? you do switch unused appliances off, right??


Oooo…. I
think you should feel bad about yourself right now. With all the campaigns
going on all over the world, you are still that ignorant? It’s ok… I mean it’s
not ok, but, at least you do know it now.. that you are one of the 68% people
in the world who does that [the whole ignorant thingy]… On the other hand, if
you say yes, then you are a good boy/girl/man/woman and Mother Nature will
surely love you…

To the “NO”
people, , its time to change!

{OMG, my
stomach still hurts.. it envies you all, my loyal fans… well, excuse me!}

flushes …}

{I’m back}

Well, its
time to change!

Try slowly
by saying ‘YES’ to every ‘NO’ answer for the questions above..

If you are
one of the people who say ‘yes’, KEEP IT UP!!

Lets make this 60 Earth Hour 2009 a success!

switch of your lights (at least) at 8:30PM local time, wherever you live on planet earth. Saturday 28 March 2009


disclaimer:: the numerical fact in this post is 100% fictional. i added it simply to add some spices in my post. love Ya!

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2 thoughts on “In Earth we trust…

  1. Khairil on said:

    wt a great post, Alhamdulillah

  2. Zafirah on said:

    mother nature loves me. coz i\’m a good girl. ;p go earth hour!

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