Just for fun..

Well… as you can see, i’ve put a lot of things concerning the 60 earth hour… if u think that its too much, i understand… it may bore you… but, just live with it ok? i’m still a bit excited with this new blog thingy.. tryin to experiment.. well, i’ll remove some of it when this earth hour is over, but some of it will remain coz it’s a life-long process..

chiaow!Red lips

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5 thoughts on “Just for fun..

  1. Khairil on said:

    did u just say STUDY? I cant hear you… (IQRA!!!) oooooo…(spongebob themesong)

  2. Mohd Hariz on said:

    aku… tak paham la haidhar… bila lak aku cakap study nih??

  3. Mohd Hariz on said:

    n kenapa aku rasa kau macam quote ayat Quran (or any other religious words) like everywhere??

  4. Zafirah on said:

    dat lips at the end. gle tak menahan. haha

  5. Mohd Hariz on said:

    biasala… SEXAY!!

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