of myself and mourning…

today, when i logged in into my gmail, i got a notification from ucas:

then, when i opened my ucas website:

DARN! after all those waitin’ i’ve done! they rejected me! DisappointedSadDisappointedSadDisappointedSadDisappointedSadDisappointedSadDisappointedSadDisappointed
thus, that concludes my uk universities application and placement.. and i ended up with 3 offers. Alhamdulillah.
so, that means:

and so, i’ll choos
e UCL as my firm, and Warwick as my insurance
because sime darby
doesn’t allow social science students to go to bristol. never mind then…

i’m just so disappointed coz didn’t get lse. although, sincerely, for the past few days, i’m more keen to go to ucl.
dahlah i’m still not over Cambridge…. dunno why. i dont really care about the ranking sincerely.
i just care about the name, and ”my marketability" after i grad.. huh! (sigh)
so now, i can reply to them, and do all other arrangements,
and the most important of all:

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5 thoughts on “of myself and mourning…

  1. Zafirah on said:

    takpe. mesti ade hikmah. wei ucl pun as good as lse gak pe… ade name gak.ucl kat london kan? jom jom nnt kte buat kampung kat london. insyaAllah.

  2. Mohd Hariz on said:

    agak ar… dekat je pun, lse ngan ucl.. insyaAllah..

  3. Zafirah on said:

    aku tau kau takle berpisah dgn aku. nnt mkn dinner sorg2 nangis pulak.hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaahah..omg when i read it back so perasannnnnn la. hahahah.

  4. Adrian on said:

    swt… my accomodation Carr-Saunders dekat giler ngan UCL… depan tue jer 😀 UCL to LSE 20 mins , not far, besides its walking distance! (**not my speed ok, normal speed)

  5. Mohd Hariz on said:

    sori ah… takyah la nak show off kat sinih… btw, kenapa kau pilih lse, kata lse takder banyak exemption papers.

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