four in the morning

tonight (or today) is one of the rare nights (or day) that i cant sleep. i cant say that there’s a lot of things in my head right now, but surely, one thing htat i’m thinking is music. i’m pretty excited this afternoon, that as i strolled my way to math class, i listened to the song victory, by the bonds.. and guess what?! i’ve discovered a new part in it which was played by the viola! OMG! i’m so excited with the new discovery! and that is where this whole problem starts….
-after i discovered the viola part, i began to prepare the parts for the song;re-arranging the song for the whole orchestra.
-then, yes. i started to miss all those orchestra time back at kys.
-then i started recallling all those moments..
-then, sob…. <no, i didn’t cry>
-and i keep on thinking, and thinking and thinking.. wanting to play music again. right here, right now!
-unfortunately, it’s about 4.06 am and everyone’s asleep… cant disturb them with a repetoire!
-and i decided to leave my clarinet at home! therefore, i dun have any instruments up here at kyuem! huh!
-and tehpong didn’t bring his violin, and one of the strings from kamal’s violin snaps, so there!
-i only have access to the piano at great hall, but i’m in no mood to play piano! i want to play other instruments!
-as i always say, i love theviola and the cello <besides clarinet, of coz>
-but as i said earlier, i’m alone..
-and our trials is next week and i have to study.
-so, i have to put music in bed for a while, and wake it up later, maybe in a fortnight..

-i suddenly remembered another song.. a very touching one.. i’m listening to it right now from youtube. unfortunately, there’s only one video of it available… although this songis not so popular, or played often, i still think that it holds a lot of memorable things… i’ll share it with you guys <or gals> on thursday..
chiaow! -i’ll browse through the net for a while, and then try to sleep…
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2 thoughts on “four in the morning

  1. Adrian on said:

    Sorry I didnt bring my violin. I know Wai Shan brought hers, want to try your luck asking? Btw its thursday… waiti for your update lol

  2. Khairil on said:

    hariz! can u pls update like you want to?! i\’m waiting in my pants held with my hands…grgrggrggrgr :p

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