new hope…

And so the week [or should I say, the two weeks] ended pretty badly..

After the trials, I felt so so SO so bad that I almost gave up. Yeah. I almost gave up studying. I felt so so So so stupid! It’s just that I was not prepared. Maybe half prepared for math, lit n accounts. but for econs, if it was not because we knew that oligopoly n macroeconomic policy I gonna come out [although I didn’t answer the oligopoly one], I’ll be NOT PREPARED AT ALL!

I was so so SO so under the clouds throughout the trials.. huh! [&sigh]

I dunno what to do.. I was so so So so scared that I’m not gonna make it to uk, that I got it all messed up in my head now..

However, lucky I got you all— friends.



The night b4 last paper [econs paper 1], I was really giving up. I could answer only 20% of a past year paper.. I knew that I’m gonna screw up. Then, when I was ‘lepak’ing with my friends after rc that night at café, this happened:


           Me: weh, I’m dead man, for tomorrow! You’re lucky that you didn’t take econs.

Aiman Tiger: why?

           Me: I am not ready. I can’t even understand more than half of the question!

Aiman Tiger: Relaks-la! Trials je kot!

           Me: Easy for you to say…

Aiman Tiger: Cummon- econs is like, how many chapters?

           Me: 6

Aiman Tiger: and we have how many days till A Level?

           Me: around 38

Aiman Tiger: then, if you study everyday for two hours, then you can make it.

           Me: [epiphany] you’re right! I can read one chapter a day, and complete in quick!

Aiman Tiger: yeah! You can even do one chapter for 3 days! And it will only take 18 days. Cummon! Then you can put it to bed!


And then, on my way back to my apartment [which was 500 meters away-yes, it’s a really long walk], I was thinking about Tiger’s plan. He’s right. Actually, I have to calm down, and concentrate! Focus.. enough playing, loitering around, etc.. enough of that.


THANK YOU TIGER! i owe you one!


And, I will start from tomorrow[I mean, today], and do the same for other subjects as well..—I hope [I mean, I have to!]


Wish me luck. I need it.

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One thought on “new hope…

  1. Zafirah on said:

    WE CAN DO IT! WE CAN DO IT! WE CAN DO IT!my math notes dah nak siap!!!!!!!!! yeay.nnt aku buat yg mechanics nye.

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