The Start Of A Good Weekend – Part I (The Beginning)


Got up in the morning to go to my lit class at 9.45 am.

Feelings: uhm… kinda ok, normal… but still kinda under the weather due to the approaching of a levels..

-on my way up the stairs, I heard ms Linda say :where’s harry [that’s what she calls me]? Have you seen harry?

I wondered, who was she asking?

Yeah, I was about 5 [or even 10] minutes late…

Then, from the middle of that flight of stairs, I answered, “harry’s here!”

Then I saw Shaira [Yaya], then we race the last few steps to class, and I was right in front of her. [no, it’s not a big deal, but, who cares, I’m just writing the whole story up]

After lit class, it was break time.

-went to the café to eat nasi lemak, but the queue was so long, that nasi lemak dah habis [let me get this clear, it’s been a while, since I last eat morning break at café. It’s not like masa kat kys dulu. I got a goal now, hehehe. So, I was at the café coz I was extraordinarily hungry, coz I missed breakfast that morning.]

-talked to iylia and nanthini about Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 episodes-glad to have someone to share my thoughts about how brilliant I think the show is.

Then, I went back to my room, and I was so damn shocked to see my room’s door was spread open. [I will always lock my door whenever I get out of my apartment to class, so, this really freaked me out!]

Did sumone broke into my room?

Then I found my apartment mate, nithi. He told me that I did not close my door that morning! I really really was shocked. That was so not me…

So, after Friday prayers, I went to my econs class [yeah, I know, the timing sucks, but, what to do]

-an interesting thing happened. We were supposed to do a timed essay in the class. When I came into the class, I told everyone that “I am not gonna write the essays. She[Mdm Zai, my econs teacher] told us to write the essay because she wanted to tell us that our essays will be so much better if we were prepared for it. Therefore, Iam not doing it, because I am not prepared. I’m just gonna tell her that I am not prepared, and I’ll not do it.”

-what really surprises me was that other students [except sarah] were not prepared and we all ended up discussing about econs, rather than writing our essays. I was really surprised.. because, when I said “I’m not writing the essays”, all of them kinda looked at me with that ‘kau-gila-ke –apa’ look.. zaf went to rc to borrow a book, ikmal came and sat beside me to teach sumtin, and aqmin was also reading his sloman book. [daars n adli didn’t come, sarah was writing the essays, and tehpong, I’m sorry, aku terlupa kau buat apa waktu tu… I think kau jalan sana sini, trying to look at what ikmal was teaching me kot]

>>then, sarah sms-ed mdm zai, n told her that all of us were not ready n we wanted to discuss instead. [no, she was not kissing ass, it was just that, we wanted to clarify to mdm zai that we were not writing those essays]

-a minute or so later, mdm zai came in, smiling to us, n started teaching us about monetary policy. I was again surprised, but this time, because she didn’t even upset, or angry at us. She was like… glad that we finally confessed that we didn’t know…

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One thought on “The Start Of A Good Weekend – Part I (The Beginning)

  1. Adrian on said:

    yeah, you were correct. I was walking around aimlessly. At first was doing the essay but then since all of you are not doing it, why bother. So I came over and listen to ikmal\’s explaination =)She\’s in a better mood i suppose… I still don\’t like Econs =/

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