The Start Of A Good Weekend – Part II (Joy With Friends)

That evening, I decided to go for a walk. I didn’t want to be in my room, sleeping, watching movies, or even just chilling.. I wanted fresh air, a relaxing walk, and just a friend to walk slowly with. I asked Zaf accompany me, but she was wanted to go for swimming. She said that she needed to swim because she had not been exercising for quite a while. [sincerely, I felt that she wanted to go for swimming because Ubee asked her to teach other members of their house to plunge coz I heard ubee asking her that morning] but, never mind, I cant really force someone to not-to-do things that they like..

So, I asked Farhanah instead. She agreed.

So, we walked together that evening, and I was very happy and satisfied because my wish came true. Then, we stopped at the sports complex and watched other people playing basketball, rugby, and football.


– Nab was so enthusiastic playing basketball with other boys. She’s the only girl in the whole court.

-then, Farhanah was commenting something about someone’s attire while playing football didn’t match. [can’t tell any names here]

-then I  saw my pet sis, Alissa coming from swimming pool. Then we talked a bit, n then kammy n maddy joined us.

-everybody else’s response was overwhelming because it’s been a while since I went to the field


on my way back to my apartment, I saw two girls blowing bubbles at the side of the field.. omg… that had instantaneously make me feel happy. It brings back those childhood memories…

both of them turned out to be Shaira [yaya] and Nadia. It was a good thing because I know them, and I can join them. And so I did.

Let me tell you this: all of you have to do it! It feels good! Really!!!

Moreover, the wind was quite strong that evening, sso, the bubbles we’ve blown was spread out to the field… -a very beautiful thing to see

We didn’t even have to blow the bubbles. We just lift our hand, and let the wind blow the bubbles for us.. it was then ended with a very beautiful twilight.. pink/orange/blue/purple… nice… so I went back to my apartment, feeling very happy, and I didn’t even mind that I didn’t make it to dinner.. I was soo happy.

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One thought on “The Start Of A Good Weekend – Part II (Joy With Friends)

  1. Zafirah on said:

    oyt.. dat was never my main intention. in fact, i didnt teach them pun. i swam all alone before someone nk buat timing but dat was only it. honestly, i went for swimming coz aku tension ptg tu, if u had noticed. and yea, d reason sbb lame tak exercise probably just a lame reason. okla next time u wanna have a leisure walk, i\’ll make myself available. hehe..

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