The Start Of A Good Weekend – Part III (Euphoric Moments)

Then, at RC, almost at the end of it, I saw ubee. And yes, again, I provoked him, saying that he’s all changed, and too busy, etc… actually, I missed those time when ubee n I talked about something for a very long time.. till about 2 am… I missed those time.. then, finally ubee spoken up. He told zaf and I about his problem, and that he was having this problem for a long time, etc.. the talk even continued, from rc, to café, to walkway, to the field, and to his apartment. Piang also joined us. I really appreciate it.. on the way, we all stopped in the middle of the fields, and looked up in the vast open sky. There wasn’t any stars that night, but it was still magnificent.. having friends by your side, while staring at the blank sky… magnificent.


Ubee n Piang then left for mainland to bash some birthday boys…




I then met other acquaintances,,


I didn’t expect what happened that night, but we had fun… 


**** [it’s not sex!!!]

I like it, not that I would want it everyday, but, I like it. I like that feeling… it was a happy night for all of us, at least, I think.  Permanent damage had been done, and I don’t think that I want to worsen it.. I think that it is a human nature that teenagers always want to try new stuff.. and that night, I feel like a teenager. I feel like exploring.. [hell ya, I’m just 18, that’s really a teenager’s age]

That night, I felt soo much care and love from my friends.. almost all of them were shocked, and I bet, more will be shocked if they know it.. i would like to thank those who were concerned about me and my decisions. we talked and talked and talked trash till about 3 am… then, when I’m on my bed, trying to sleep, I reflect upon myself, of that day… so many great things happened to me Alhamdulillah…

Casuality is the key.. I must know my limits.. No addiction.. too much or too little of sumthing kills..
p/s-if u dont understand this entry, i’m sorry.. actually, i dun think that anyone that was not there that night would understand this at all… nevermind. just understand that i appreciate u guys…

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9 thoughts on “The Start Of A Good Weekend – Part III (Euphoric Moments)

  1. Khairil on said:

    I do understand, but not to the extent of more than being told to me. Hahaha~Perhaps we can be all Euphoric when our re-union comes,I am deadly enthusiastically charmingly cutely patiently humbly waiting,Because I apparently has nothing under my sleeves,And, I wish you guys can fill it for me, hehe~You know what I mean, GG people!! xoxo.

  2. safuan on said:

    what have u done, byou\’te? Smoking? hahahaha…

  3. Mohd Hariz on said:

    eyt… no.1, haidhar, aku tak paham langsung apa kau cakap…no.2, rembai, mmm..i dun think that smoking can really induce euphoric moments..-and by this i meant euphoric,as in the real meaning, not our batch-y meaning…no.3, hahahahhaa…. you\’ll never get it right! hahahahahaha!!!!

  4. safuan on said:

    u\’re gay? that\’s what you\’re trying to say??

  5. Mohd Hariz on said:

    chet rembai kurang ajar.. ke situ lak dia.. camner by being gay boleh induce euphoric moments lak? dunt get it. n plus kan aku dah kata, it\’s nothin about sex.. haih! takyah la nak meneka-neka nih.. buang masa dong!

  6. Khairil on said:

    What else could induce a better Euphoric moments other than gossiping?B\’youte, serious kalau kau tak paham kan, aku terasa diriku teramatlah keling,Rembai pun keling gak actually, tapi ramai orang tak sedar, hehehe.Abaikanlah statements aku tue, macam agak menyampahkan je~

  7. Mohd Hariz on said:

    hehee.. haidhar, you are quite true, in a way… hehe… berdosa seyh…. btw, ting! anda btol…n, haidhar, actually, aku takde masalah pun nak paham apa rembai tulis… tapi kalau yg kau nyer comment, macam jane austen… tak paham aku…

  8. safuan on said:

    woi, jane austen idola aku tu!! take back ur words!!

  9. Mohd Hariz on said:

    aku tengah study jane austen skarang dalam kelas lit… persuasion.. ayat dier panjang2..

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