The Good Weekend

Saturday-hmm, i skipped 2 classes today.. like what i’ve mentioned in Rembai’s blog, i’m kinda often skipped class..
-woke up around after lunch.. then, went to mainland to get a movie, visited chakoy, n managed to convince him to come to apartment…
then, went to the curve with my public speaking club.. had a really really nice dinner! woohoo!!!
then again did sumtin that was really really out of my norm–bought a RM 40 movie ticket. premium class seat at cineleisure… i figured out that i was quite insane but, it was worthy. it’s a one-in-a-life-time-thing-that-is-fun-to-do-again-and-again thing. the seat was super comfy.. it’s nice to pamper yourself once in a while…
watched Fast n Furious 4. nice! nice! nice!
got back from the curve at around 12. then, fb for about an hour.. after didn’t open it for about 3 days…
then i watched ‘the freedom writers’
i tell you, it IS a really awesome movie! never felt so inspired before. i even felt like becoming a teacher now! to help others in helping themselves. [it’s ironic because even now i cant really help myself!]
it’s a good thing to watch! if any of you have not watched it, please do so, and share with me your view. and then, i slept at 6am…
to me, it’s still a good weekend!
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One thought on “The Good Weekend

  1. Adrian on said:

    Nice one =) Glad you had a good weekend… All of us seriously need a break. have fun during the upcoming weekend where we will have 4 days of \’holiday\’.

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