break a leg!!

tomorrow, exam officially starts… i’d like to wish all the best too all of my friends.. we’ll get through this, TOGETHER.
for me, i’m trying my best to nerdify myself to study for the upcoming exam. mine starts on next monday. Mathematics Paper 4, Mechanics 1. then, followed by the following week, with accounting 2 and Pure Mathematics 3,  then, i’ll have accounting 1, and literature 6. The final week, i’ll have 3 papers. Economics 4 AND Literature 5 (which fall on the same day), and Economics 3 on the last day. Although i’ll only take 8 papers for this final exam, i still feel that i’m not prepared enough… however, i AM GOING TO FORCE MYSELF TO STUDY. Speaking of studying, today, we’ve finally finished the last book of literature; Jane Austen’s "Persuasion". wELL, to tell you the truth, i still haven’t finished reading it with understanding. all this while, i’ve been relying on the video we watched about a month ago. heheeheee…. silly me. but today, i’ve finished reading chapter one [out of 24] WITH understanding.. huh! i’ll try my best to finish reading it asap. huhuhuhu….
So, again, i would like to wish all of my friends who are taking this exam session, all the very best.
and i would also like to wish MYSELF all the best to study, revise and sit for the exam!
break a leg!!!

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