So last night was a horrible one!
there was a black out at 11pm. n the lights only turned on at 4am!
i called tnb at around 11.30, to tell them about the black out, n guess what, i had to wait for my turn, and the operator said,

"anda dalam giliran ke: enam puluh enam (66)"

omg! ‘do i have to wait for another 65 callers to hung up then only i can report?!
so i waited, for 8 BLODDY, HOT, MINUTES!

and guess how long did i talk to the operator in-charge?
58 seconds!
he said that they’ll send technician to attend to us.
but unfortunately, it took them 5 hours to figure out the problem!

it was just unforgiveable…

so, i slept late at 4, and over slept until 12.30,
went to the computer, n suddenly, at yahoo! homepage,
"Micheal Jackson dies at 50"

I was shocked!

and the whole day, Fly fm paid tribute to him, and their usual daily ‘Most wanted Chart’
became ‘Most Wanted Micheal Jackson Chart’
i tell you, the joy and sadness of listening to 10 of his songs just came into me.
it brings back the reminiscense of childhood memories…

one of my most favourite song of his is ‘You Are Not Alone’

so, in case u didn’t know, his muslim name is Mikaeel…
May Allah bless his soul..


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One thought on “Al-Fatihah

  1. Zafirah on said:

    byot, cpatla update. i want to read something new.

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