Well, the other day, i went to the cinemas to watch some muvee..
 and one of the trailers caught my attention so much.
"the time traveler’s wife"
it looks like a nice romantic movie. [i know its kinda a chic flick but i dun care]
and after the movie [the ghost of girlfriend’s past]
i went straight to kinokuniya to look for the book.
i went to the search station, and entered the title but guess what?
"no search result found"
i was like ‘shit, man!’
then i wandered around the store, and VOILA!!!
i found it, bought it, and now i’m currently reading it.
and sumhow, i love it!
i’m very excited to wait for the movie… hopefully next week…
it’s very magical, and i wish that i can be him.

and i have to admit, there’s this sudden surge of romance in me this few days… maybe its the hormone talking..

here’s the cover of the book.. in case you guys feel interested..

and do watch the trailer..

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One thought on “Revelation..

  1. Zafirah on said:

    finally the hormones start doing their job. BWAhAHA.i watched the trailer. mcm best. nak tgk gak la.

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