the hardest thing to find..

i stil remember, back then in secondary school.. when i was in form 2. the headboy, Syed Roslan,gave a speech during the assembly about friendship.
he said ‘in this world, you are very lucky if you can find 5 best friends’.
i remembered the quote till today…. it lingers..

after my results came out, got very shocked. and depressed…
dunno what to do, when, and how.
but somehow, sumthing, or rather someone helped me out..
then i realised, the true value of friendship.

yup. that’s it. the hardest thing to find: true friend.

the moment i saw my results, i was shocked. saw tonnes of ‘congratulations’ on the fb wall. i didn’t know what to put there..
should i disappear for a while? should i post my results and take the sham or should i just act normally, pretending that nothing happened?

then i realised, that it’s a sign from God. Although it’s not a good one, but i suppose that at least it could have been worse. good and bad things both came from Him. live with it. and try my best to overcome it. be grateful of what’s given.

so, i posted ‘..alhamdulillah..’ on the wall.. within a minute, about ten or so comments came, saying ‘congratulations’,etc…
well, i just left it that way. to look on the bright side..

then, i started telling those who are close to me about my results, and also few other friends….
well, basically, they all said the same thing: never mind, it’s good enough, try for clearing, bla3…
well, i’m not complaining, coz i would say the same things to others as well…

but, there are some of them, who really showed their concern…
they [in general] gave me hope, try to ask if i’m ok from time to time, gave me options, supported me throughout….
amn’t i touched… i would have to be made out of stone to not to be touched..

‘oh no bro, u figured out what u gonna do?’
‘but hey, mcm mak aku slalu ckp, kalau things don’t go ur way there’s always a solver lining behind it. I’m here if u need anything bro. :))’
‘no problem. kawan sampai mampus :)’
‘slagi mana twitter n fb ada, slagi tu i’m gonna annoy u :p haha okay bro, if u need help with anything, n i really mean anything, i’ll help you out :)’

‘eh warwick bukan bley appeal ke? mcm heriot ward..’
‘math b is ok….so still hav hopes. dun worry. Ur rsults is strong enuf.’

‘we can do it! Clearence!’

‘u okay?’
‘ahah see nt the end of the world bro!’

‘InsyaAllah.. aku rase bley kot.. result ko bkn jauh sgt dr ape yg warwick mntk..’

these are the messages i got from various friends, that i now know, are true friends…

some of my friends also said that they are not so happy, eventhough  he got great result, just because some of his friends didnot get the desired result…
terharu dowh..

some also called… and motivated me as well..
some also called… eventhough they have only gotten their AS results..
some also called… eventhough i didn’t expect them to call at all, as we are not thatttt close back in college..[my bad]
some also called… to ask me how to get through it…
some also called… only because they are on the same boat…
some only stops at congrats
some didn’t even asks… although [i thought] that we’ve been through things together for a level and uni applications…
some even pretended that nothing happened…
some only lingers around the high-achievers…
well again, i’m not complaining.. just that, now i see my true friends.

to those who didn’t say anything, i know that you are occupied.. [i wish]
i also know that you have tonnes of things to study. [i’m serious! not being sarcastic]
and i know, that you didn’t bother to do it coz mybe you are having a hard time as well…
i don’t expect you to call. coz i know you all.. and, i’m not hurt at all..
i’m just writing these about those who kinda pretend to be good friends for a short period of time, just to get something from you [me]..
those who i didn’t call, or even ask: sorry. kinda having a hard time here. and + takde credit.. sorry..

got these from a website:-

"A friend is one who walks in when others walk out"

Walter Winchell

"A friend is someone who is there for you when he’d rather be
anywhere else."

– Len Wein – Sent by Paulo Louro

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart,
and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten
the words."
– Sent by Donna Roberts

"A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe
in yourself."
– Sent by Lysha

"We cannot tell the precise moment when a friendshipt is formed. As in
filling a vessel drop by drop, There is at last one drop that makes it run
over. So in a series of kindness there is at last one drop that makes the
heart run over."
Sent by Collen

i’m not usually this judgmental… dont worry… just be who you are. we can still be friends… there’s even a chance for us to be best friends…

so, friends.. u know who you are… thank you. very much.

actually, i also have other things to say about friendship, but, for now, this is all that’s necessary..

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4 thoughts on “the hardest thing to find..

  1. safuan on said:

    dude. i know its kinda lame to ask u how u\’re faring, but im not in the good shape either. U did confuse me with ur fb status and all, and aku just nak ckp la, sabar. i think we find it the hardest to bear, considering dat we never face the reality of a fall (u know wat i mean, with good results from public exams). but having said dat, the higher u climb, the harder u fall. so bykkan bersabar, tenang, n buat solat istikharah, u know, to seek guidance. i just can say dat friends are really easy to get, n more easily to lose. true friends are a rare gem still. trust me. trust euphos la, we\’re buddies kan. gile la aku kalo nak tgk hannah montana sorang2 kat cinema. (haha. lester yg minat gle. sampai skrg ternyanyi2 lagu2 ost)n im in big nitemare now, ye la semue sciences aku xdapat a. nak wat camne. bak kate kawan aku, "ni semua kerja Tuhan…"p/s: gile beb, ko punye post ni lagi la terase. no need 4 sarcasm if u can get the message. sorry for d late reply, tapi fyi, i was fully aware of ur status. just dont know wat to say. peace dude..

  2. i taw gak byoute! but knowing me, i\’m not that good in consoling people. but just for you to know, i do care about you sebab kita kawan lama, and aku akan sayang kau sampai aku tua sangat tak ingat kau=)!!! and kita sama art class! altho kau suka buli aku=pand another thing, we\’re pretty in the same boat because my AS kinda ehemmm too.

  3. Mohd Hariz on said:

    hmm. thanks guys. wasn\’t referring to you all pun. and i know, i can trust you all. so, just remember, don\’t be like me, study your best during your exams. it is really hard to be earned [the grades].. all the very best..

  4. Adrian on said:

    Its all gonna be fine now rite Uni Mate? =P I was in the same boat with you and still is I guess. One thing that I can say, we made it through Clearing!Terasa skit the one in the same situition as well =P. Btw saje nak menyampuk, you know me. You spell the word Clearance wrong xD. If it was intended to spell that way then please ignore me.yeah, this moment taught me about those who lingers around you when you are at the top and leaves you when you\’re at the btm.At least we learn this now

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