It’s not easy..

ok. enough of the depressing weeks+posts..
now, the good news:
I managed to secure a place at Manchester University!


What i’m really trying to say is, now I realised that it is not easy, at all, to get what u want.
Allah wants me(and you) to work hard to get to what (WE) want.
for example, my Clearing case..
Eventhough I managed to secure a place at Man Uni before clearing, somehow, in the middle of the way, there will be things happening to break u down.
when the clearing day comes, when i wanted to enter my clearing choice through UCAS, the option for L100 BAEcons was not there. I started to panic. but then, I put my choice as N0L0 International Business, Finance, and Economics as it was the nearest option. Then, I had to make tonnes of calls to uk, just to tell them about the problem, hoping that they will solve it quickly. Then I had to wait till monday (from friday) because they dont work on weekends. when i called ucas on monday, i was put on queue for about 8 minutes before talking to the officer in charge, and now, after everything has been solved, it turned out to be that my registered course is BA Economics and Social Studies N100. The officer in charge (from the uni) said taht I dont have to worry, it’s similar course, and i’ll be able to change to my initial course when i arrive in Manchester.
All i’m trying to say is that, Allah will always test us. to see our determination towards something. and it’s our duty to try our best to get through it.
So friends, don’t give up. Try our best in everything… We’ll get there, somehow..
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4 thoughts on “It’s not easy..

  1. Adrian on said:

    A change from N0L0 to N100, thats cool (I mean procedure cool.). Now since the adrenaline is almost used up (or has yours just started?), its time for packing, shopping, visa, flight tickets, agreement letter and farewell parties! Hope your workload goes easy on ya dude!

  2. Good job!!!=)

  3. safuan on said:

    it\’s good news, rite? after all the torment, hehe, kwn kite ni akan FLY~!! congrats!

  4. Mohd Hariz on said:

    yup! and now, dah tukar balik ke original course, L100. Thanks guys!!!

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