have u ever heard of it? PARAM.
short form for:
PAsar RAMadhan..
kelakar la bunyi dia…
sounds like some exotic name.
I heard about it in the office.. then, after 1 week of fasting, i decided that it’s time to PARAM-ing..

trully, i think, one of the essence of fasting month is really PARAM. coz, it brings the excitement to break the fast.
going to a place with tonnes of fooooood, will surely make fasting a harder task.. (kalau tak caye, cuba ah.)
try to observe each of the gazillion stall.. especially those which cook their food on the spot.
sotong bakar, murtabak, ayam madu, karipap, and all other stuff.

so, when i decided to go to PARAM (i’m still excited with the term), i had a list in my head:
ayam percik
nasi kerabu/nasi dagang
cakoi (yes! cakoi!)
some drinks…

but when i got there, i went home with
nasi kerabu
watermelon juice
some blue fruit juice
lala masak sambal
tauhu **** (i can’t remember what it’s called. but it’s tofu, stuffed with sumthing, and goreng salut tepung. sedap!!)

then, the next day, got my cakoi.
now what’s left is ayam percik, and also ayam madu, and also sotong bakar, and also ikan bakar, and also …..(the list goes on and on…)

speaking of ayam percik,
when i was walking, there was this one stall, out of the many stalls, sold ayam golek.
and then, i heard someone said beside me:
"eh, tengok ni!(look at this!)"
"ayam kena sula! hahaha!(sodomised chicken! hahaha!)"

and i looked, and i continued walking, with a grin on my face, after hearing such a spontaneous joke…

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2 thoughts on “PARAM

  1. PARAM! Haha, maybe i should pay a visit to the one nearby my house =P. Ayam kena sula… never though of that though =)

  2. Zafirah on said:

    param ni mcm bazaar kan?.. param mcm kelakar. like if ppl ask \’nk pegi mane?\’.. \’oh nak pegi param..\’… HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.. the ayam kene sula joke is really funny too. LOL.

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