you make me wanna lala!!

i’ve realised that there are certain things, that make me happy, exhilarated, and syok!

1: big white plates–it doesn’t really matter how small the portion is, but big white plates (or bowls) really make me happy. whenever i decided to dine at food court, or any other places that gives me option, i’ll look at their servings. i’ll definitely buy them if they have big white plates.. of coz, if the portion is big, then that would be a bonus….

2: big rims– looking at cars can surely give guys unexplainable pleasure and satisfaction. i love BMW! i think that majorly because of their big rims and wide tyres… try looking at the new Z4 or X6…. they’re jaw-dropping….

3: paper bags– by saying this, i didnt mean the paper bags you get when u visit mcD n take home their fries.. i mean those paper bags u get at shops. e.g. parkson’s golden/red paper bag, philosophy men white paper bag, and nokia blue paper bag.. the contents of the bag need not to be expensive, but it will surely give me the ‘kaya raya’ feeling… it feels like u are in the mastercard of visa commercials where u spend endlessly, bringing home tonnes of shopping bags (that are made of paper) and give them to your love ones..

so far, i think, that’s the only 3 that i remembered.. i’ll add some more if i figured out any other stuff…

yummy                                       and                             shopping catalyst

will u ever say no to these wheels???? you gotta be mad! (drooolllss)

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