political rally..

it seems
like nowadays, people have rather nothing else to talk about other than


has political issue, i ya i ya yo

issue that’s worsening, i ya i ya yo






has political issue, i ya i ya yo*

be sang with the rhythm of o’l mcDonalds had a farm)


I had few
rather unwanted political talk with strangers lately:

1. with a
(maybe a few) taxi driver(s) talking about the mini election (this was before
the election was held)

2. with
my masseur talking about how unfair our government is

3. during
tazkirah at the mosque after terawih, talking about choosing the wrong party,
and thus you will get a sin, and the sin will flow out through your
fingerjoints, because the fingers crossed at the wrong party during the


there are more… can’t seem to remember.

but, the
important thing is, must u even talk about politics at the mosque?


I dont
really give a damn about this whole political thingy. hehe. actually i do, but
it’s tiring to even think about it. so, i rather chosed not to think about it.
ignorance is bliss.

but, some
people say, that it’s very important for people like me, at my age, to start
caring about politics. as we are the ones who will be replacing the ministers
one day. yah, maybe they are right. but to me, maybe just knowing what happened
is enough, without knowing each and every detail of it. coz we, students, would
be better off thinking about our studies and friends and happy things and food
and other stufff.


even i had started to talk about politics [in a way]*

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