experienced by every Malaysian

I’m writing this entry on a train. I am on
my way to SDMC to do a medical check-up. It occurred to me that somehow, we can
rely on our public transport to a certain degree. In my case, I am grateful
that our trains do go to Subang. However, I figured out that the convenience I
have is not to be enjoyed easily. Although it is quite easy to go to anywhere
as long as you know the route, the part where you have to schedule your journey
is very VERY  pain-in-the-ass kind of
thing. Often, commuters will find themselves hearing announcements like:

“Train to Rawang is having a technical
problem and will only arrive in 15 minutes.” Or, “train to Pelabuhan Klang will
be delayed for 20 minutes”

Those kinds of announcements are the ones
which will make u feel like “oh, shit!” or “should I take a cab instead?” or “I
should have never gone out of the house” or “this is soooo not worth it.”

I have just experienced it a while ago.
When I arrived at KL Central, I looked at the LED timetable board and it states


The writings were blinking, indicating that
the train is approaching. I looked at my watch, and the clock there, it was
11.02 pm. I was very relieved as I THOUGHT that I could skip the waiting. I WAS
WRONG! Luckily, I am in the midst of reading a book (which I will explain in
later posts as soon as I finish reading it) and that had kept me in company. At
11.11pm, there was THE announcement finally came:

“Train to Pelabuhan Klang is being delayed.
It will arrive in 16 minutes”—and it did.

And on my way back to KL,

“Due to train cancellation earlier, train
to Sentul is going to be late. It is expected to arrive in 30min”-and it was actually longer
than that.

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