vee ai es ae-VISA!

Did my visa application the day before yesterday..

Before i went there, i was totally freaked
out. I felt like there’s not enough documents to provide. But i know, i can’t
really wait much longer. I have to give some provisions although it is most
likely that it only take a 3-5 days. 
Like what my father always say, “let it be early… you’ll never know
what’s coming up tomorrow. What if there’s a fire there, flood, or just any
other unforeseen incident happens?”

Then, i decided that i really must go
yesterday.  I started panicking slowly
inside. Based on other people’s experience, they say that the visa application
officer is very strict, there’s gonna be tonnes of people there, bla3….
luckily, i called Zaf and Iylia. And luckily they are nice enough to assist me
(hehehee.. no offense, kiddin’)

And i got this very useful information:

guard will start giving out numbers at 7am. The officers will come at 8am. So, there
will be people queuing from 7am.”

i was there at 7am sharp. And i was lucky enough to be in front of the guard’s
desk at the lobby when he started calling us, so, i was officially the first
guest at Wisma MCA yesterday!

Then, everything went quite well. Except
the fact that sime darby scholars are not supposed to fill the tier 4 general
(sponsored) student form. Silly. Luckily, the officer was nice enough to tell
me to fill in the appropriate form there and then while he entertain other
applicants, and i can just see him immediately after completing it, without
taking another number.

So, it went well… i hope.

Just a few handy tips for future
applicants, even though the policy might change next year:

Always make an appointment.-it
gives u a sense of security, just in case you cant afford to wait in line
behind tonnes of people.

Even if you appointment is the
day after tomorrow, if you can make it, go tomorrow. It doesn’t hurt to submit
a day earlier. You’ll feel relieved. Believe me.

Ask them if you have any
questions. (d’uh)

Make sure that your photograph
format is correct. You can check through their website, but basically, white
background, 45mm x 35mm, DONT smile, if possible, doesn’t wear your glasses.

Don’t wear henna 3 months prior
to visa application. Basically, don’t wear it, even for any purpose, starting
from before you take your exam. They will not accept it for biometric data
collection.  Also, take care of your 10
fingers carefully, u really don’t wanna have cuts on them, for all you know,
your visa application will be held back. U wanna go to uk right? Kiss your
fingers every day, and take care of them, as they are your little key to uk.

Go there alone. You are old

Try to have sufficient or extra
copy of everything. The cost of photocopying there is 30 cents PER PAGE.

Bring a pen.

Keep everything that they give
you. INCLUDING your queue number. That little piece of paper (about 3cm x 2 cm)

Be there as early as you can.
7am would be good. Remember, at that time, you will be waiting at the ground
floor lobby. Just stand in front of the guard’s desk. Take your number and go
to level four as early as possible. The REAL queue starts here. I noticed that
some of them thought that the number that the guard gave them at ground floor was
the queue number, so they lingered around, went to toilet, breakfast, chit
chat. They were wrong. Stay in your line. As soon as u are at level 4. This is
assuming that u are early, and the VFS office is not opened yet. A guard will
then come, and starts giving out numbers.  By 7.15, i noticed that there were about 10+
people waiting. And when the officers arrived, 10 numbers will take them about
20+ minutes. If you arrive at 9.00, there will be about 40++ people in front of

So far, i think that it is not so
pain-in-the-ass type of thing.  So, good

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