what if…

I finished reading the book. A very short
novel I would call it. The synopsis reads like this:

“Charley Benetto is a broken man, his life
destroyed by alcohol and regret. He loses his job. He leaves his family. He
hits rock bottom after discovering he won’t be invited to his only daughter’s
wedding. And he decides to take his own life.

Charley takes a midnight ride to his small

I’m too lazy to write the whole thing down, and I’m afraid that it might spoil
the mood of you guys. Here’s my version of the synopsis:

“What if you have the opportunity to meet your
mother-who died 8 years earlier? Especially after knowing that you didn’t treat
her well during her finale?”

an interesting story, but quite short. It’s good if you want to read a book,
but there’s not enough time for it.


For one more
day—Mitch Albom

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2 thoughts on “what if…

  1. wei ko nak tau, aku nangis dowh time aku bace buku ni kat rc dulu. malu gile. pastu aku terus beli and present kat abang aku (pasal nanti aku boleh baca balik).

  2. Mohd Hariz on said:

    wow… tapi memang buku tu best pun… tak sangka kau ni soft inside eh? heheheeee..

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