finally- an update.

Ok, now that the internet is not working, I
finally have time to write something for my blog (ironic eyh?)


I’m finally here, in Manchester. I still
kinda can’t believe it. I do feel that it’s all happening too fast.  When I arrived at the airport, I was lucky
that my senior came with a friend to pick me up. If nit, I don’t think that I
can survive a trip to my halls with my bags—they weigh tonnes!

My room is kinda small, but cosy
enough.  I like it. A little addition of
some small furniture, and I’m rolling! Bought the essentials on the day that I
arrived-duvet, pillows, alarm clock, apples, duvet cover, frying pan, plates,
bowl, mug, cutleries, and some simple food. One thing that I notice here is
that I don’t really have to worry about food (ironically, that’s one thing that
has become a PROBLEM now, hehehee) just across the street there’s this Chinese
restaurant; Red Chilli, and if I walk further south of my halls, I can find
about 10++ shops of halal food-ranging from pizza to burger. Less than a minute
walk up north there are two shops of kebab + naan.. .

So far, I have been too lazy to organise my
stuffs. The cold weather here is sleep-inducing. I slept for 16 hours
yesterday. It seems like there’s nothing to be done except sleeping, eating,
grocery shopping or walking when you haven’t received your timetable yet.

Today, I went for swimming. The complex is
huge! But, I only manage to do 2 laps of 25m- what a waste of money. Honestly,
I was just optimising my bus fare. I bought a dayrider bus ticket for 3.5
pounds earlier this morning to go to the city, and I used it eversince even for
a 200m walk. Then, I went to the mini tesco down the road to buy some bread and
water. To my stupidity, I accidently bought 2 litres of soda water, instead of
2 litres of mineral/drinking water. So now, I have 2 litres of yucky soda water

For dinner, I had this lamb ribs from the
halal cluster down south. It was delicious, but the set came with 6 pieces of
ribs. It was kind of too many for me, as it was very oily, and heavily
marinated. It may be a good meal for once a week, not more than that please.

Besides that, I watched ‘Geng, Pengembaraan
Bermula’ given by my friends when they sent me at the airport.  It was hilarious! I really enjoyed it, since
it featured my favourite Malay cartoon characters; Upin & Ipin-bald, 4 year
old twins. I really have to thank them-my friends, as it really entertained
me-a lot.

As for home sickness, I am not proud to say
that I am not homesick YET. Usually, it will come in a few weeks’ time for me.
But I still call home every day though (hehehe.. denial…)

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