just a quick one

i set my alarm at 7.17 today, as i have a tutorial at 9. I woke up at 7.50.
I waited at the bus stop in front of my halls, lazy to walk to my class, as it is at the other end of the road.
after about 12++ buses pass through the bus stop, refusing ti take any more passengers (because they were full),
i decided, that i am lazy, to be lazy, so i decided to walk. surprisingly, it took me just 7 minutes to walk there. I saved 80p.
that was the only class that i have today. but, i have to go to the police station to report my lost wallet (it’s a new wallet! not even 24hours old yet).
then, maybe i’ll go to Arndale-the Pavilion of Manchester.. and maybe, if i have a lot of time, i’ll write about my trip to LONDON last weekend.
C ya!
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