after a really long break from blog-writing, now, i finally got the strength to write an entry.

it’s about my trip to London.
I would call it a sweetbitter experience. i dont call it a bittersweet experience as the bitter part only comes at the very last minute of the trip.

and so, i’ve decided to go to London. the one night trip was kind of last minute for me, as i thought that i would be too early to go anywhere. but then, if i didn’t go to the trip, i would be stuck in my room, doing nothing, and be a really sad person. when we (Adli, Adina, n I) arrived at the Euston station in London, we were welcomed by Shen and Farhan. Many thanks to them. Then, Coincidentally,  we met Farhanah, Bell, n Mai. They were just walking around, doing some shopping, as the station is quite big, and has quite a lot of shops in it. After that, Zaf, Nab, n Aqmin came, making it quite a gathering at the station. We, i mean, all of us, practically didnt know where to go to. even the Londoners. after quite a while, making quite a noise at the station, we decided that it’s time to have dinner. we had pizza. i’m not a huge fan of pizza, but considering the fact that i was hungry, i ate almost a whole pizza. then, after a lot of discussion n thinking, we decided to go to the Tower Bridge.

Sincerely, i was expecting some warmth in London. however, it turned out that rain has decided to follow us all the way to London. it was fine initially, i mean, it didn’t rain all the way to the Tower Bridge. but as soon as we were there, the pour started, and it was kind of super cold. however, it didn’t stop us from having fun. I also got the chance to see the main building of UCL.


-the frontal view of the Uni that i failed to get into…              -experimenting with still-moving object with farhanah

-the tower bridge

-us, in front of the whatever-palace-that-is


then, the next morning, we went to Hyde Park. gosh, it was so big that i dont want to talk about it.  after that, lunch, n a bit of shopping, then, back to Manchester… I managed to find a shop that sells chinese food in a box, like we always see in western movies…

i cant remember what exactly did i choose, but it was chicken, and it was nice.

and that was it, my London trip. the bitter part… I lost my wallet at Manchester. the new wallet. shut…

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2 thoughts on “LONDON

  1. hadijah on said:

    Sedap nye awak makan…by the way..HALAL ke ? Becareful eh..selalu kat chinese rest we just bought sea food..

  2. Mohd Hariz on said:

    halal. besar besar dia tulis halal kat depan kedai tu.

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