the ‘if-possible-i-dont-want-it-to-happen’ stuff

Hehe.. I guess that the title speaks for
itself eyh? Yup, shitty stuff:

1. Losing my spectacles.

How on earth could a person with visual
impairment, find the only aid that can help him, without actually being able to
see clearly? Ironic. "im looking for my specs, but i cant see".

2. Paper cuts.

Oooo. I hate this one. When u get
papercuts,it’ll be painful, but it’s just a small cut. The pain is of course
little, but big enough to annoy u. Its obviously too small to put a plaster on
it, but too big To be left on its own. What to do?

3. Not being able to sleep.

Isn’t it kinda frustrating, to just lie on
the bed, switching sides every now and then, trying to think of pleasant stuff
that can make u sleepy, or counting sheeps or stars, n not even feeling even a
bit sleepy? Then when u look at the clock, it’ll be like, 1 or 2 hours have
passed. N u realized that u HAVE to sleep, because u have class tomorrow
morning. Now tell me that that is not shitty.

4. Missing the bus on short journeys.

I know that this doesnt apply to most of u
but it happens to me, quite a lot actually.

Now, in Manchester, most of the students
buy bus pass, either daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. Popular choice for
international students would be the yearly bus pass a.k.a unirider. So, the
more time u use the bus, technically, the more u save, as u did pay a total of
£165 for the whole year. So, usually, we’ll use the bus as the prime medium of
transport, even for a short trip. Therefore, when u missed the bus by maybe 10
seconds, do u wait or do u walk? What if it’s 5 minutes to class? If u walk, u
might just get there on time, maybe not, and it will usually be cold, and might
also be raining. If u wait, when will the next bus come? Will it be full? Walk,
or wait??

5. Misplacing ur phone, while its on silent

Obviously u cant miscall it, it wont ring.
If u are lucky enough, u’ll hear it vibrates. The same goes when u loose ur
keys or wallet, or a sock, or a watch. U wish that u can call them to fins out
where they are. I wonder how long will it be till we can put GPS to all of our

6. When u fumble with the keys/locks.

Is it u, or is it the wrong key?

7. Forgetting the things that u was about
to say/do.

The moment where people cut u in the middle of ur sentence n when
its ur turn to speak, u have forgotten what ur point was.

8. Not being able to find the toilet.

How long can u wait?

9. ‘Fainted’ phones/camera.

When u thought that its still too early to
charge it, n then, suddenly, just when u need it, poof!

10. When u realized that ur deadline for
your homework or assignment is tomorrow.

Or even worse, yesterday. =p

11. When u don’t know the title of that song
u heard.

How are u supposed to look for it? Sing it
to ur friend? U’ll be lucky if they know. Google it? I dont think that u can
sing to the computer. What to do? U dont know the lyrics, let alone the singer.
I guess u’ll just have to wait patiently in front of the radio/mtv to find

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2 thoughts on “the ‘if-possible-i-dont-want-it-to-happen’ stuff

  1. Zafirah on said:

    haha. i like the last one.

  2. Zafirah on said:

    i 8 is 6 is sillyno. 4 is kesianno. 9 is padan mukano. 8 is oooh desperate times call for desperate measures la then, no? HAHAno. 3 is normalno.2 is not that ouch. 1 is kelakar.and i hate no. 10. reminds me of mine. sheesh.

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