with a bit of help from skype…

the 4 of us were back again.. ehhehee but unfortunately, its only possibly through skype. chakoy taknak dtg manchester lagi…. so, we skyped our way, chatting, gossiping, and catching up with each other. i hope that i can do the same with lester n rembai, but with the time difference, its kinda difficult. n rembai macam tak selalu online je, and ubee is always busy, so, i usually end up chatting with lester (its not a bad thing). it has always been a good time, chatting with your best friends. and it always reminds me of the times when we were all together…. i have to say, thank you to skype/ym/facebook/wm for helping us to be with each other again-in a cyber world.

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8 thoughts on “with a bit of help from skype…

  1. seriously yot, if only we could have a 5-day weekend, i\’d spend all 5 days in manchester. depressed gila nak blk hari tu and my monday blues is getting more blue. hahamaybe someday we could have all 4 of us + lest rembai ubee chatting together. time difference is not exactly a big problem i guess. as long as they wake up early and we could stay up a bit longer, we can always have a group chat together.school break in 2 weeks time. i seriously cant wait. bah!

  2. and and aku demam after blk semlm. its either the weather or aku rindu kau sgt. hahaha ( the latter is a bit corny i know i know). the good side of it is that, i can now stand the weather in london which is getting colder lately. like when we arrived yesterday it was raining here and err cold. but somehow nab and i didnt feel cold as in THAT COLD. nab said " the weather in manchester buat kite jadi tough!" 🙂

  3. Mohd Hariz on said:

    i knoe… best gila waktu tu…. we\’ll have another one nanti when i go to london. kesian kau demam, mesti sebab it was such a great weekend with me, that ur body n mind cannot accept that it\’s over… aku pun macam suddenly takde mood gila semalam.. it\’s like i suddenly felt very empty…

  4. haha. sorry beb. tengok la kalau aku rajin online. cube la buzz ym aku. aku slalu pura2 offline.

  5. Mohd Hariz on said:

    okok… nanti bebila eh.. bila sumer orang cuti, kita ym sesama!

  6. asal kau tak add aku??? aku add kau namun tiada reply.=\'(zaf pon!!!nak merajuk la. kita putus kawan!chey=p

  7. Mohd Hariz on said:

    takle blah btol..

  8. Zafirah on said:

    eh? takde dpt request pun lisa.. wait i try to add u..

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