My wannabe story

Haiqal n sha came to Manchester today. Went
to pick them up at noon at Piccadilly. Then, after lunch, brought them to see Manchester
uni, then to the old Trafford stadium. They’re going to watch the match between
Man United and Aston Villa. Not being a football fan, obviously, i didn’t join
them. However, the moment we got into the stadium compound, we saw thousands of
people, being excited to watch the game. I liked the hype. The excitement of
watching the team that u support against another team. Then, i realised that ‘i
need to watch at least one game’ coz if i don’t, it’ll be like living at the
beach, but never got into the sea. It’ll be such a waste, to live right here,
in Manchester, home of the world’s most famous team, but had never watched them
play. Therefore, i promised to myself that I’ll (try to) watch the next big
game with them. I want to have something that will make me passionate enough,
to distract me from music for a while – i hope so.


btw, Man U lost to Aston Villa 1-0. That’s
not a good start for me. 😦



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