snow experience

It’s snowing outside. It started with
snowflakes, and now its jus snow. It’s really beautiful. When I just stood
there, looking at the falling snow, time seems to move really slowly. It felt
like I can see each and every drop of it falling from the sky before it lands
on the ground. Since the first day it started snowing, it snowed every two
days, sometimes every day. And when it doesn’t snow, it was so cold, that all
the snow from the previous day had frozen. Roads will be either really slippery
or slushie.  It’s best to walk on the
snow itself, as it’s not that slippery. So, every time I walk, I’ll try to find
a spot that’s covered in snow, or just really dry. I want to avoid jatuh
tergolek kat mana-mana. Sakit dowh. I think in there’s at least 3 inches of
snow out there. And maybe more at places yang orang tak lalu. Like I said
earlier, it was really magical. Bukan nak jadi jakun ke apa, but face it,
Malaysia memang tak snow. And to have it snowed when you least suspected it,
was spectacular. Especially when you have been in a cold place for such a long
time. Sometimes it reached -10° here. And sometimes, the air would be very thin
that susah gila nak bernafas… Wish that all you readers are here. We’ll have
snowball fights and build snowman together.

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3 thoughts on “snow experience

  1. ade snow outside? takde pon!

  2. hadijah on said:

    best nye tengok snow…mak jealous ni..emmhtengok snow tu kena le muhasabah jugak….kkk

  3. byot!!! bestnye! ( although i hate cold la)

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