London Trip 2

I just got back from London. I have to say
that it was a really wonderful experience, putting aside the fact that
accommodation was quite an issue at first. I went to almost all of the tourist
attraction there; Big Ben, London’s Eye, Trafalgar Square, and even Harrods.
Although I didn’t quite had the chance to board the London Eye, it was really a
fun trip. Got the chance to catch up with my bestest buddies in the whole wide
world. We sat at Nando’s for about 4 hours, just talking and by nature,
gossiping, (^^). And we even continued till the end of the night until about 10 at farhanah’s place. I even visited Salvador Dali’s exhibition (I still dunno why I
was interested in the first place).

then the famous Boxing Day! Hmmm… I didn’t quite shop till I drop there,
because zaf was ‘membebel-ing’ all the way. But I have to say that thank God
she did that. I really have to start saving, as my money is kinda low in the
bank, and I have to wait till March till my scholarship money arrives.

I have to say, that the most wonderful
experience that I had was definitely celebrating new year at London’s Eye. IT
WAS SPECTACULAR! We stood there for 3 hours +++ just to wait for the fireworks!
Sure, it was torturing, but it was worth it. While waiting, there was a DJ
playing songs, and it was like entering an open club with a million other
people! And the fireworks show was just – WOW! 10 minutes of fireworks, that
really got into me, and to watch and listen to it was just nice. The most
interesting part was that right after the fireworks show, maybe about 20-30
minutes after midnight, it snowed lightly… wasn’t it nice?

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3 thoughts on “London Trip 2

  1. hadijah on said:

    Senang2..load le gambar awak kat london

  2. Zafirah on said:

    "thank God she did that"…okay sekarang boleh membebel dengan lebih banyak lagi yeay! 😀

  3. Mohd Hariz on said:

    no no no no no no no no no no way!

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