so tomorrow is my birthday.. i’m like.. i’m nineteen! being 18 was
soo fun! i had a wonderful year being 18, and now that i’m gonna be 19,
i feel like.. i’m so near to ending my teenage life. i’m soo near to
being 20.. i know it’s like, so what, bla bla bla. most of my friends
are actually gonna be 20 this year (WINK** you know who you are) so
when there’s a 40 year old guy having these feelings a.k.a mid-life
crisis, what do we call it for us?? quater-life crisis?? can we call it
that way? think about it.. it might be fun!

me: heyya.. i’m feeling so down today…

person A: why, man?

me: i dont know… maybe i’m having a quater-life crisis...

person B (out of no where): aww… come on… there’s more to life than age…

A: yeah! age is just a number! think about today! what will you do
today! screw quater-life crisis! dont let it bother you!

hmmm…. (after a long thought) yeah.. you are RIGHT! i will not let
quater-life crisis bother me that much! i am still young! i have exam
on fridaY! (that’s true btw, i DO have exam on friday and next week)

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One thought on “heyya!

  1. Zafirah on said:

    seriously dude, quarter-life crisis? shut up person-who-is-one-year-younger-than-me!

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