i need my relax period..

tomorrow, i’ll be having my last paper for this semester. you have no idea how scared i am of that paper… i think that it’s kinda like literature for a levels, the subject that i scared the most, that distracts me from concentrating on other subjects!! as it turned out, econs was horrible. as horrible as it could get. and there i was, thinking that econs should be fine.. i was totally wrong.. they asked the very detail of it… sigh…. math was reasonably hard as well, but i should be able to pass. insyaAllah… computing was ok just now.. not bad, although there were some questions that you really feel like ‘kurang ajar’ nyer soalan (it was a rude question). we all have been practicing questions on words, excel, and power point… who would have thought that they might ask ‘what does HTML stands for?’ i guess that i cant really blame them.. the subject is called ‘computing for social scientists’… well… do pray for me for tomorrows paper. its the last one.. and now, i’m really excited, anxious, and tired.. i just want to start new.. cant wait for next week.. new semester, new subjects, new hope…

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