i’m back!

hi everyone! i’m back.
i’m back from the misery of exams… yup! i’ve finished my exam on friday. how was it? i don’t know… there is a slight possibility that i will have to resit.. sigh..
however, i amm really excited because tomorrow is a whole new sub-chapter of my uni life. whole new semester, new subjects and new resolutions. u might have noticed that i didn’t post anything about the new year except the celebration in london. to me, the new year is not that significant for the time being, because i still have the exams coming up. my whole personal timetable was distorted. sleeping pattern, eating time, sports (??), and other stuff. but now, that my first semester is over, i can start new. to me, this is my new year.

after the exam, i realised that university life is harder than i thought it was. it is far more demanding. u might see that the syllabus is short, and fairly easy, but when it comes to the exam, BOOM! IT’S HARD! therefore, i want to start this new semester a.k.a my new year with a new resolution.

1. spend more time at the library. it is a very efficient way to study since everybody else is also studying, and my laptop is in my room, together with the bed. so, less distractions.
2. study more, if possible study beforehand
3. try my best not to ‘close’ my mind to the subject. this is very important, because during the first semester, u might have noticed that i complained a lot about my politics subject. i realised that it is not that hard if i open my mind to it. since the first lecture, i kind of blocked the whole subject, just because i feel like it is very related to history – my worst subject. but now, i’ll try my best not to do that, since it is a very costly behaviour.
4. enjoy my lectures and tutorials. since the holiday last year, i have no more lectures or tutorials. it was a very pleasant thought, but i kind of miss it. 2 months of self studing is not fun at all!
5. swim more! i bought a pair of goggles, and i will try my best to go and swim more often now!
6. watch more orchestral concert, and entertain my music-deprived self

i have so many things to do these upcoming weeks:
1. settle my accommodation application for 2nd year
2. plan (if possible) for any holidays outside of UK.
3. attend (if possible) all of the introductory lectures so that i have a few options in mind, in case i want to change any subject.
4. practice my clarinet which will come via Zaf this weekend. i’m going for the audition conducted by University of Manchester Orchestra.. i wanna join them!!!

i also want to write a review of things that happened in 2009.. but maybe later…

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