a week in a post

i’ve finished my first week of 2nd sem! and so far, everything is good! i went to all the lectures, and i LIKED all of my subjects. my best friends came to visit, and we talked a lot!!! it’s a pity that we missed a member… i also got my clarinet already (on friday), and have started practicing. i went to the Manchester University Wind Orchestra Practice (without my instrument-as the practice was on wednesday) and sit there, just looking around like an idiot.. hahahaaha… at least i wont be that new next week when i come with my clarinet. CUAK beb!!! i’m afraid that i wont be up to the standard, as it has been a looong time since i played. zaf bought me a clarinet book which i arrogantly and vainly made fun of (sorry zaf) but appreciate later after 10 minutes of receiving it. hahahahaha! its a compilation of some pop songs with cds of accompaniment. at least i have some variation in playing after this… i’ll have some other things to play other than ‘boring’ (as claimed by zaf) concertos and clarinet solos…. chakoy pulak helped me organising my itunes. i have started using itunes as it is one of the easiest software to organise songs… especially if you have OCD! hahahaha! i was pretty sad to say goodbye to them, but life goes on. i also become increasingly annoyed by someone (i rather not say) but i have to pretend as though i am ok with that person…. the internet in my halls was down for more than 24 hours now. i’m writing this post from the library (pinjam internet jap) and i just realised something bad just happened to my sis’s darling!!! shit man…. dah la baru!!! pity her… yup! those *&^%$%#^@^#%$&#^%&$%^#^$@#$^%#^#^@* bastards will get a piece of me if i meet them..
well, that’s all that happened this week.
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4 thoughts on “a week in a post

  1. Zafirah on said:

    i feel offended actually. but its okay. at least now i know you don\’t deserve emporio armani. cheers. ;p

  2. Mohd Hariz on said:

    jangan la camtu… n kenapa i dont desrve emporio armani lak??? btw, chakoy pun gelakkan buku tu gakk… hehehe

  3. Zafirah on said:

    nab bagi hadiah 1.99 pounds to ika pun ika dah menjerit excited and what i got, some laughingstock. ish terrible!

  4. Mohd Hariz on said:

    sorry…. hehehehe

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