XTRAordinary monday

yesterday, an ordinary monday turned kinda extraordinary. first of all, in my macroeconomics lecture, there was this one guy, who openly questioned the lecturer in front of 500+ people about some stuff until the lecturer had to stop him. then, i went to asda to shop for some groceries, and adrian got a message from my hall mate, d, saying Whitworth Park hall (my hall of residence) had to be evacuated due to a gas leak, and report to University Place (an academic building). i was kinda shocked. really. there was an element of suspense, as when i tried to call each of my friends who stayed at the same hall, none picked their phone up. then, to cut the story short, i went to University Place and there was free (compensation) food!! it wasn’t that much but it sure was satisfying. soup, breads, potato chips, coffee, tea, sandwiches and fruits were served. as i looked around, it looked kinda like a refugee camp, with people wearing decent cloth, and in a nice building. some of them brought their bags in case we had to stay somewhere else for the night and some even brought their duvets as well. at 8.30pm, we were given an update, saying that they had successfully located and secured the source of leaking and we will be able to enter our accommodation at 9pm. everyone cheered in joy. however, we were also told that the centralised heating system will be switched off, so there won’t be any heater and hot water in our hall.. if we think that it will be too cold to sleep in our hall, we can, however opt to sleep at University Place, as extra bedding and duvets will be supplied. some opted to stay, while others were more than happy to return to our rooms. we also got a free duvet to help us warm out through the night. on the way back from the university place, everyone wore their duvets around them. it was like a parade of students in duvets…. hahahaha! it was a great experience!
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2 thoughts on “XTRAordinary monday

  1. hadijah on said:

    It reminds me of the parade we saw in philip island when we were in melbourne..hahaaaahaaaaayou make me smile this morning…take care..

  2. Mohd Hariz on said:

    haha.. thanks.. love you!

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