A Week In A Post

Another week is gone, and February is almost over. it’s kinda shocking how fast time goes by. it seems like it was just a few weeks ago that i went to London to celebrate new year with my best friends (some of them)…

this week was a tiring week, u might have noticed that from my facebook posts.. i now realised that i’ll have a busy week every alternate week. besides being busy, nothing interesting happened this week.. oo except that i accidentally skipped my finance lecture on tuesday. my first absence this semester… as much as i hate myself for skipping it, it’s (kinda) not my fault.. the lecture is at 5pm monday and tuesday.. such a bad timing.. well, whatever. then, i went to the optional tutorial for development. it’s kinda fun. the lecturer himself conducted the tutorial, and he did his homework.. he knew everyone’s name in the class without even asking us. he even pronounced my name correctly. he didn’t say ‘moht hariz’.. haha! there was a CNY celebration held by Malaysian Society on Saturday, and it was kinda great. got to eat nasi tomato after a loong time. and i also ate tonnes of fortune cookies (literally). when i opened the very first fortune cookie, guess what did it say:

"you will be lucky in love"

i was like whoooaaaa!!! what up?! by the way, things are getting to get cold here (yes, back to the cold) despite the fact that it’s almost spring. i don’t know if i have said this, but living here really showed me the effects of global warming. on a totally unrelated topic, i chatted with chakoy through skype for 8 hours on Friday night.. kewl! we were planning something for Easter. Will talk about that later when it is confirmed. Tomorrow (Monday) is one of my best friend’s birthday. Lester had left the blog world so long ago that opening his blog now seems pointless. he said that it is too time consuming and he needs to study. he’s in Malaysia btw. we used to hang out at KLCC or Pavillion almost every time i got back from KYUEM, and during every holiday (almost every week!). it’s sad to hear that he has not been going there for quite some time now, since i’m not there. i mean, most of the time, it was me who will go around and ask people to go out together, and now that i’m gone, they finally got their peace. well, somehow, it’s good to know that he’s not going out that often anymore, since he has to study for his a levels exam. it is also the birthday of Wawa, some other friend of mine. this week, Tupai and Didi had their 20th birthday and next week, Idid and Benjoe will be turning 19. this week also witnessed some of my other friends taking their leap in life going to Uni in Australia. all the best to them. i also knda lost contact of Zafirah this week.. it’s impossible to call her. i don’t know what’s goin on.. i’m kinda worried now, since other people can’t contact her as well.. i hope she’s fine. Zafirah! if you are reading this, please leave us a sign of your existence and/or well-being.. u are killing us here..

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  1. I\’m here!

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