A Week In A Post

what up?!

this week, kinda major week. i fell deep this week. nothing interesting happened early of the week, on Wednesday, Tehpong n I went to the Bridgewater Hall to enjoy the few last moments of winter sun. Bridgewater Hall is a nice concert hall with modern architectural design hosting orchestral, and drama performance. kinda like Dewan Filharmonik Petronas in Malaysia, but nicer, and more beautiful. Then we went to the public library, and got ourselves a membership card for the library. Wind Orchestra practice as usual that night, and nothing else happened. My results were out on thursday night, and i was so shocked to see that everything went quite as expected, including failing Econs. i mean, cummon!! econs! my supposedly strongest subject, the only subject that i got an A for a level! my soon to be area of specialty! to be honest, i kinda knew that i would fail the subject, as soon as i came out of the exam hall. it was surprisingly hard, very detailed… i was too shocked that i was really down for the next 20 hours. i didn’t even go to the stats lecture the next day. i was embarrassed, frustrated, shocked, devastated, angry, and some other emotions that u can never imagine. later that evening, i sort of had to go to my development lecture because it was compulsory, and also because the lecturer was really kind, and he is quite ‘someone’ in the School of Social Science BA Economics programme. so, i went to ask for his opinions (what happens next, further steps, is it that bad) luckily, it is not as bad as i would have imagined. i might have to resit, even though it is a compensatable fail, bacause its ECONS! its a core subject! so, i have to resit later, although i kinda hoping that i wont have to do that as i heard that there were quite a lot of people who failed econs as well. i hope that when the board of examination hold their meeting in June, they’ll let us go.. InsyaAllah… then, saturday night, i went to watch BBC Philharmonic Orchestra performance, it was…. kinda nice, but honestly, quite boring. and today, i watched Monsters Inc. i know that it’s an old movie, but i love it, hence i watched it again, after 9 years. i also studied a bit today, as i took the failure as a lesson. i need to ‘go through the rain’,  and ‘stand up once again’. i know that i am a brilliant person. i just need to re-live the moments (give me a break, who else will compliment u besides yourself?) today, as the winter ends in just about 9 minutes, i hope that it will go along with all the laziness in me, and whe the spring comes tomorrow, i hope that the new me will emerge, bringing better result, and being more focused in my studies…

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  1. Mohd Hariz on said:

    thank you.

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