Yesterday (Thursday) was a particularly good day. it didn’t start off that great, since i woke up just on time to go to the lecture which we have to send an assignment, due yesterday (again thursday). and i had not completed it yet. so, i went to the lecture, with my laptop, trying to finish it. Then, when to 2 tutorials, n then only i can go to the computer cluster, as i have to use one statistical software to complete the assignment. basically, from i woke up till about 1pm, i didn’t have a clear mind. however, i did realise that it ws a very sunny day, hence i really loved it. while walking from my last tutorial to the computer cluster, i realised some yellow and purple spots under a few trees. i was like "siapa laa yg buang tisu/kertas merata rata nih?" or "who the heck threw those rubbish under those trees".. as i walked closer, it was actually flowers! yes! flowers! there were some pink and white flowers as well, budding their way through the axis-shifted-earth soil. did u know that? due to the recent earthquake in Chile, NASA said that the earth’s axis had shifted by about 8 cms. to them, its not new. even the earthquake near indonesia in 2004 shifted the earth’s axis by about 7 cms. don’t believe me? click here (opens in new window). by the way, yah, i saw the flowers, and i was excited. the trees are still dead-looking but the flowers have started budding. then i realised one trivial fact. the sun shines, and u can feel the warmthHot. but as soon as u are under a shadow, even a tree’s shadow, u will feel the cold. hahaaha! kelakar kan? it’s like, i was walking with the sun on my left side, and half of my face can feel the warmth, while the other half is chilling. then, i went to the city, makan kfc. they are having this trial across selected branches to serve halal kfc! wohoo!! with that good mood, then lepak at Piccadilly Garden jap, ‘sunbathing’.. the sky was really blue! and i spotted about 10 aeroplanes today. at this one time, i saw about 5 of them from different directions, and at different altitudes.. after bored of spotting the aeroplanes, and the sun had disappeared behind the buildings, i went back to my room. and now, outside, the clear sky continues. stars are everywhere.. despite the cold, this is what i call a wonderful spring.

Moonchester? hahahahaahaSmile

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One thought on “Manchester=Moon?

  1. hadijah on said:

    cold to warmth weather! great… thats life yeah..change for the better…syukur alhamdulillah

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