10 years ago..

10 years ago, i lost one of my insignificant body part. it gave me such a bad time, but in all, quite an experience.
8th march 2000, i had my first surgery. the doctor removed my appendix on that morning. on the same day, i was supposed to have a qualifying exam for PTS (exam which allows me to skip a grade), and since the headmaster gave a green light, to do the exam later, everything was fine. the doctor said that i was operated just on time, since my appendix was about to explode..

it kept me thinking, of all the ‘what if’s that could have happened… as i think, at that point, was where my live started to branch out, leaving me choices to pick, and leaving the road not taken behind…

(i’ll continue later, i have a lecture to go to…)

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One thought on “10 years ago..

  1. Zafirah on said:

    Oi. Such a cliffhanger. My mood baru nak set in place. Haha.

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