A Week In A Post

this week? highlight: warwick trip. awesome! i can’t even remember what happened throughout the week before this trip. haha!
we (adrian, adina n i) went there on friday night, picked up by sarah n zac. while the others were on their toes, jumping around at Lady Gaga’s concert. that night, we went to this feast, that they were having, in celebrating their success for Warwick Malaysian Night. we arrived when the people started to disperse, so it was kind of a perfect timing thing. we could (and i did) eat anything that we wanted. curry, lamb/beef stew, chicken rendang, apple crumble, and air sirap. i really felt like i was back in Malaysia, eating kenduri somewhere.. sigh… rindunyer!!! then, after being super bloated, we waited for the screaming gaga fans to arrive. to cut things short, they said it was awesome, they told us our experience, and i wish i was there. the next day, we went to birmingham’s Bullring. it’s a shopping complex, a really nice one. it’s not a mall per se, but it was more of a group of malls.. hard to explain. it was nice, and so far, it is the most similar place to kl’s pavilion that i could find in uk, in terms of the interior design of the mall. we watched Alice in Wonderland, and we got back. Sunday, was a more relaxing day.. we went out to Leamington, a nearby town, discovering a beautiful garden, and spent the rest of the cold evening there. i arrived at Manchester at 1 am.. and was (still) very tired for the amazing weekend getaway. thanks Warwickers!
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