A Week In A Post

this week… my parents went for Umrah on Thursday. How i wish that i could join them..
had my re-debut into the music world on saturday. it was an amazing performance and i can’t wait for the next performance.
also had a little facebook wall-to-wall chat with my long lost new best friend, Hasvaany Manoharan a.k.a Hassy or her ‘malay name’ Hasniza. miss her a lot. really funny girl. although i only knew her for about 6 months, she is one of the best suited person for me in terms of personality and humour level. and in such a short time, we are best friends already. it’s a pity that she had to change college, as she got JPA scholarship.. good for her.
what else eyh?
hmmm i also realised that every day, i’ll have a different song of the day, but all will be Jason Mraz’s song. i’m trying to like all of the song, so that whenever i get the chance to go to his concert, i’ll know all of the songs!
in two weeks time, i’ll be having my Easter break. i’ll be going to Wales and Portugal and London. can’t wait. really.
it’s still cold here. but it’s more manageable and bearable. can see flowers blooming everywhere. and i can also see birds chirping, as it’s getting warmer. it’s kind of a sad fact that it was too cold that even birds dont want to live here. hahaa!
oh ya, today is also the 1st anniversary of my commitment to the internet and blog community. i do feel like it’s not ending soon, and i hope that i’ll continue writing forever. InsyaAllah..
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3 thoughts on “A Week In A Post

  1. safuan on said:

    a year already? CONGRATS! i think it\’s hard to like an artist. i prefer to like the songs, so there will be no favourites, just good songs will do. or maybe if you gather up similar artistes with the same genre of music, that\’s better. i never like an artist. some of the songs will suck. and then you benci mamat tu. hahaha

  2. Mohd Hariz on said:

    haha! i know.. memang some songs tak berapa best pun, but so far, most of his songs pun aku suka. unlike other singers yg ada few lagu je yang best. i dont normally suka one particular artist, but this is an exception. unless i find other singers yg ada banyak lagu best, he\’ll be my fav.

  3. Zafirah on said:

    in ONE week tome i\’ll be having my easter break! ah yes be jealous XDflowers blooming everywhere?? really? the only difference here is the occasional sunlight. other than that, its pretty much winter.Birds chirping?? You must be living in a forest. He he.When are you coming to London? Lets meet up and do some group study. Finals alert!And happy anniversary to iFragments!!! Whatever that means…. :)))

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