reunited with the stage…

just got back from my first performance after 2 and a half years.. gosh. that’s quite a long time innit? Time flies… i was so happy to it was kind of a UK PREMIER OF MOHD HARIZ NAZIMUDDIN!! wohoo!! thanks for those who came. it was such an honour to play in the Manchester University Wind Orchestra. they are just awfully good!! really good! it kinda inspires me to be a better musician myself.. (sebab tercabar sebenarnya)


i think it was spectacular. i mean, i like the songs, event hough i hated them initially. but we played only 5 songs, and each song was like 10 – 15 minutes. i just cant wait for the next performance. it’s just really nostalgic. i love it. i love sitting there with other musician, waiting for my cue to play. i love playing in harmony with other instruments, with dynamics. i love it when i can feel the rhythm of the song moving… love it! then, the last song we played was "short ride in a fast machine" it was really short and powerful! and it kinda bumps playing it when i knew that it was the last song.. sedih ni… betul betul sedih… isk… i want to play more!!!!!!!!!! i think that i feel unsatisfied because the practice is just once a week, and once on the day of the performance. unlike kys orchestra which practiced almost every night when the performance is approaching. therefore, after the performance, we usually felt really satisfied, and kinda tired of playing, due to the plethora of practices… but not here… arrgghh!!! want… to.. play… more….. and.. if… possible…. change.. course… to… music…..
after the performance, the whole team went to a bar and i spent 90p on a glass of coke, then realised that it was really boring in there, went to a kebab shop, makan pun tak habis.. n then had two large scoops of ice cream! banana and coconut.. tropical seyh… Hawaiian delight for ice cream.. hehehe… 
thanks to all of u guys who made this possible for me.. my parents, who went to haiqal’s house to give my clarinet to them.. haiqal himself, for bringing it across the ocean to uk. zaf, for bringing it to manchester. izwan, for making me jealous of your involvement in your uni’s wind orchestra. akmal n adrian n farhanah, for encouraging… who else eyh?? hmmmm… can’t seem to remember.. do buzz me if u feel like u’ve been forgotten.. i’m so sorry. i do feel like everyone’s here…
(kinda sounds like an award winning speech pulak)

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2 thoughts on “reunited with the stage…

  1. Zafirah on said:

    You and the world of music. Go take double degree XD"and thanks to zaf for knowing I have to keep myself grounded and start from the scratch, hence, the book!…":P

  2. Mohd Hariz on said:


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