another one…

another questionnaire she also did…

1. Favorite breakfast: nasi lemak maaa…. but kalau kat sini… pancake n hashbrown from mcD..

The movie I’ve watched most number of: P.S I Love U… i love sad stories…

3. Least favorite subject in school: HISTORY!

4. Spend my leisure
: facebook-ing, watch the simpsons… kalau boring nak mampos baru study..

5. Worst smell: uncleaned puke in the toilet…

6. If I could
have any car in the world, what would it be?

7. Favorite household chore: washing the dishes…

8. When I was a kid I dreamt of
becoming a
: a rich person…

9. Favorite color/s: blue, but i often opt for some random colours like orange or green…

10. Favorite performer(s): an orchestra playing songs which are not boring…

11. If
I could repeat college I’d take
: professionally, medicine, architecture, or engineering.. but trully, MUSIC

12. 3
things I can’t forget before going to class
: bus pass with uni ID, wallet, phone

13. First
thing I’ll buy with my first salary
: hmmm… nak blanja my family makan.. but kalau for myself, a nice watch.. (kalau takder sesiapa bagi laa)

I’d like to be remembered as: a warm and friendly and happy person. but not to be taken granted..

15. If a book was made into a
movie, would you still bother to read the book?
yup.. i bought the book "time traveller’s wife" and "my sister’s keeper" as soon as i saw the trailer. i also finish the book before watching the movie.. so that i can compare them..

16. Specialty in cooking: fajitas.. or black pepper beef..

17. Present crush(es): someone…

18. Favorite hangout: on my bed.. outside? any nice shopping mall with my friends. maybe starbucks as well

19. Best place to shop: kat
Malaysia, with the present money that i have… but kat sini pun best, coz ada size.. M&S is nice.. hehe. sedih btol.. but for general window shopping, i would say pavi, klcc, manchester arndale, trafford centre, and birmingham bullring.

20. Do you like to watch plays? yup. loved PGLtM. and i’m looking forward to more plays which involve massive props, and great stage facility.

21. Favorite place in the house: kalau kat malaysia, living room nyer sofa. kat sini, my bed.

22. Best gift ever
: adrian bought me a tub of haegan dasz ice cream when i failed my econs.. best dowh..

23. Weirdest gift ever received: dare not say…

24. Gift that you want
to receive as of this moment
: money, watch, camera, laptop, first class ticket on emirates untuk balik malaysia,…(the list goes on and on…)

25. Who
do you want to tag?

26. Yahoo or Hotmail? Yahoo!

27. Left or right? Left -i’m a lefty… left of course..

28. Black or white? white.

29. Black or blue pen: since almost all of my pens are black, i would love a blue pen now..

30. Sandals or
: shoes for their nice look.. but sandals for immediate wear..

31. Colgate
or Happee
: Colgate

32. Chopsticks or fork and spoon: rindu ah makan pakai tangan… but culteries please..

33. Robocop or rambo: neither. although robocop is kinda better.power rangers?

34. Jollibee or McD: McD… or Gemini takeaway.. for a cheaper option..

35. Coke or Pepsi: Coca Cola!

36. Last person you talked to: Peja in Manchester

37. Last person who texted you: Zafirah Munawar… (through skype)

38. Last person who made you laughed: Peja in Manchester

39. Last time I cried: form 4..

40. You see me always drinking:
water, coke, coffee..

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5 thoughts on “another one…

  1. Zafirah on said:

    weirdest gift ever received : dare not say.okay macam tau. zaaap. haha

  2. Mohd Hariz on said:

    no no… bukan buku kau… btol… bukan… seriously….

  3. safuan on said:

    byot! next time aku datang ke tempat ko (i mean in general, aku tengah tension ni) aku nak makan fajitas tu! or whatever la yang ko claim ko power masak. haha

  4. Zafirah on said:

    aku baru perasan.. present crush : someoneooooooh gossip time!

  5. Mohd Hariz on said:

    ok ok… no problemo! n zaf…. nguahahahahaaha!!! u\’ll never know…

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