ngah.. like sister like brother…

i am bored… while trying to figure out what to do with this internet connectivity, i found this questionnaire at my sis’s blog, and since i dunno what else to write here, i decided to answer it..

What do you miss the most?

: family, malaysia &
eupho friends. not forgetting KLCC n Pavi!

What do you do if you meet the person you

: hmm.. try to pretend that i like that person, and bitch around after that.. haha!

One item you really

: money! or if  u want a more specific answer… a brand new nice and expensive branded watch. yes, i am a really high maintenance person..

do you do if you’re talking to a stupid person?

: keep on talking… it’s not really his/her fault that he/she is stupid.. some person are just much slower than others…

Last book you read?

: if a full book, then it would be… tak ingat la apa nama dia… the book before that would be My Sister’s Keeper. kalau currently reading, it would be Economics:A Very Short Introduction and the Undercover Economist.

person you’re thinking of?

: family n close friends.. specific? no one…

gossip you heard?

: ntah.. maybe about some of my friend’s ‘friend’.

Last 5 places you’ve visited

: uni, asda, uni’s cafe, bus stop, room.

What did you do this

: sleeping all day long… and did a wind orchestra performance! wohoo!

Last item you bought?

: groceries kat asda… m&m…nyamm… in my tummy right now..

What is
the reason you last cried?

: sumpah tak ingat the last time i cried… i think it was because i dreamt about losing my mum.. it was in form 4….

What is your mood now?

: generally good…

3 items that are near you?

: sos cili maggi extra hot 52p from asda.. clinique punya face lotion… my phone..

What are your plans for next

: entertaining some friends who are coming for a visit…

Why are you filling
this survey?

: copying my sister, and i ran out of exciting things to write (as though this is exciting..)

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One thought on “ngah.. like sister like brother…

  1. Zafirah on said:

    only 52p for a bottle cili sos? wow. lepas ni nak cari rumah dekat dengan asda!

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