a good PDA

i was pretty tired today, so, when i got on the bus from my last lecture, i was quite bummed out. but then, i saw this little girl, maybe 3 or 2+, on her stroller with her mummy. the girl was eating some chips, and then she was like "mummy, can u give me a hug?" and her mother put chips away, and hugged her little girl. then, in her mothers hug, she lifted her head, and said "give me a kiss" and her mother did that, and they continued hugging. the girl then lifted her head and said, "one more", another kiss and they continue hugging. "one more", i was already smiling by then. "one more" "one more". it went for about five times, until i had to get out since i’ve reached my hall. the act itself gave me a warm glow inside, that actually cheered me up a bit, out of the tiredness.. it was so cute. so warm. so pure. it kinda qualifies to be a mother’s day advert for me.. miss u mom! i just wanna hug right now.
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