so tomorrow, uni starts back… holiday is over, and i need to restart myself, to prepare for the upcoming exam.. really want to do well this time. and i know that i havent updated anything yet. sorry. i was really on a holiday mood, and quite tired after the portugal trip. i’ll try my best to post regularly.

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2 thoughts on “reset

  1. Zafirah on said:

    Kalaula kite same uni boleh study same2 pegi library. I\’m too depressed here to even go to the library which will make me even more depressed, hence staying in all day to study and that makes me sooo lonely. Sigh. Every now and then will take a break, and neutralise self, buang those bad energies baru start study balik. Ah tak bestnya! Kan best kalau macam kat kyuem dulu study kat rc together with the others tanpa rasa stressed and whatnot. Uni is so challenging in every aspect I cant wait to graduate fast!

  2. Mohd Hariz on said:

    kesian pulak aku dengar…. jangan la camtu…. tak elok depress depress nih… nant MAYBE next year, what we can do is, masa cuti, or weekend or whatsoever, we go to one of our uni, and we study together… or we can always study sesama through skype! i can bring my laptop to the library.. and we study ler sesama…

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