lament in silence

hi again.
exam is approaching. one month to go. and i do feel the urge to study hard. so far, since the library is open 24 7, i’ve been going to the library almost every night. i really want to do well, and so far, i think all of my time in the library is beneficial. i am happy. i am ok with everything now. however, i do feel something inside. i feel like i want to be somebody else. i really dont know why. so far, until this moment, i have never (ok maybe once in a while) wished that i am someone else. this is me, i cant change it… (i’m not talking about my size, as it clearly can change) and i dont really know until when will i feel this way. there’s a tendency that it will last forever though. coz whenever i fell this way, i kinda lose all of my positivity and cheers… and i dont really feel like laughing whenever i think about it. in general, i am a happy person, i like who i am, i like what i’ve become, i like my life, and i am grateful of it… it’s just that……..
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2 thoughts on “lament in silence

  1. Zafirah on said:

    i told you there\’s something bothering you. that one thing which led you to feel you wanted to be somebody else.

  2. hadijah on said:

    ini mesti kes homesick ni….or nak jadi mozart panther……

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