A Week In A Post…

it’s been a while since i last posted ‘a week in a post’.. i know… during the holiday, i was a bit off-schedule, and needed a few weeks to reinstate myself. well, this week, nothing much, except more library hours, a bit of partying in the weekend, and just now, this afternoon, i went to ‘Lotus’, a malaysian food restaurant. and i was super bloated! i dunno, maybe because throughout this week, i have been eating a lot less than usual… coz i had this terrible stomach ache! but i’m all ok now! good to go to the library in an hour’s time. thursday is the general election for Britain, and tomorrow is bank holiday… no class or whatsoever. but technically, i should not have anymore classes on mondays and wednesdays.. relax (study) days. i really want to focus this time.. want to do great. want to relive my study time like i had during spm.. and i have this horrible horrible assignment due on tuesday. advanced statistics. so far, EVERYONE said that it’s impossible… even those chinese who are exceptionally good in math! damn! luckily it just account for 5% of the total mark.. it’s my last assignment before the exam… [sigh]… well, i’m gonna have a warm shower now. it’s been quite warm earlier this week, but since thursday, it’s been cold again! [double sigh]…. oh, did i mention that i’ve lost 6kg’s since Sime Darby’s medical check up last year? (^^)
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3 thoughts on “A Week In A Post…

  1. nor hanaa on said:

    Well done Hariz. All the best. Good on ya for the weight too 🙂 Take care.

  2. Mohd Hariz on said:


  3. hadijah on said:

    good.keep it up….i mean keep reducing slowly

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