cant wait

in one month’s time, i will be back in malaysia
in one month’s time, i will be finishing my first year
in one month’s time, i will enjoy the sunlight

can’t wait. really can’t wait. i have to study HARD! and i also need to start clearing up my room. sigh… i know i will miss manchester when i’m back in Malaysia. the grass is always greener on the other side…

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4 thoughts on “cant wait

  1. safuan on said:

    please,dude. dah le aku kena buat eye check lepas ni. jangan buat aku rabun ngan layout ko ni hahaha."grass is greener on the other side.".. hujan batu lagi baik, no?

  2. Mohd Hariz on said:

    haha! ok… sebab kau kawan aku, aku tukar la colour nih… well… u\’ll never be satisfied in life kan…

  3. safuan on said:

    acececeh.. aku tau ko pon admit yg sblum ni lagi susah nak tengok pon hahahahaha

  4. Mohd Hariz on said:

    hahaha! siot… btol gak… buruk gak ah colour tu…

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