sorry for my ignorance

lately, i have been spending some of my free time at my friends’ house. it’s a really nice concept, where we could just laze around, chat, and eat together like a family. today, one of the main topic which caught my attention was the issue that israeli army held hostage a ship which was about to supply help to Gaza. All these while, i know what happened to Gaza, but of little detail. but today, i really feel sad, and touched and worried of the whole havoc that’s happening. i did mention earlier that i was worried that i might be empty inside because i did not cry while watching ‘PS I Love U’ or any other sad story. but now, today, i realised my soft spot.i can’t stand wars….it really touched me when hearing, or especially looking, even the figures of the people who are at war, or the victims of war. and especially those who Jihad. to sacrifice yourself, when you are attacked, to protect your religion, family, and country… sob…

Dear God, may You help those who are at Jihad, and may You ease their burden, and aid them in Jihad in your way.Amin

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