well, i’m here in manchester again, flight was alright, althought with a feww occasional bumps on the way… especially masa nak land in Dubai… this time, my transit was quite short… almost or just a bit longer than 2 hours. usually it’ll be a bit more than 3 hours… never mind, at least i can arrive in Manchester earlier.. but the flight was kinda delayed for about half hour coz the plane arrived a bit late. kinda sad coz i almost managed to get a free upgrade for my flights… but not.. haih… takpe.. no harm trying. then when i arrived in manchester, it was kinda cold… the cold that i’ve been missing for quite some time now. tak puasa hari flight tu, so buat muka tebal je all the way masa makan… then bila sampai, the day after that pun tak puasa.. ehehehe.. jet lag la.. but today i puasa. it’s alright, considering the fact that subuh is around 3++ am and maghrib is around 8++pm.. not that bad actually. 

the saddest part is that i have to study and prepare myself for my resit paper. thank God it’s only one paper. so cam takde la banyak sangat bende kena baca, but still, i have to remain focused.  and now, listening to Details in the fabric, kinda reminds me of all my memories in Manchester masa first year dulu.. rindu.. and tadi, gi jalan jalan kat city… again, kinda like RINDU gila!! feel like staying here for good!

and the best part is that, one of my best friends is coming to Manchester!!!!! lester is gonna come in september! happy seyh! he’ll come together with a bunch of my other high school friends gak.. happy sangat…so nanti, bolehla berlagak cam senior sikit.. hehehee… boleh la tunjuk diorang selok belok hidup kat manchester nih…

since arrived in manchester, i’ve been having this bad headache pulak… tak tau kenapa.. sometimes i can feel like it roots from my tooth yang kat belakang sekali tu.. apa tah nama dia… tapi nasib baik ada some paracetamols to dampen the pain.

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