Hull (part 1)

It’s autumn already. Term’s gonna start in
a couple of weeks’ time. I just can’t wait. 
I really love university life. I feel very independent and confident and
free to do whatever I wanna do. Did some shopping for my future room and got
pretty much everything that I wanted. 
Also did some shopping for my family and friends in Malaysia. Maybe I’ll
some more house stuff in Malaysia later on. I’m on a morning train to Hull now.
Will be in Hull by the time I post this on the net. The scenery out there is
amazing. Rows of hills and tonnes of trees surrounding us, with the blue sky
and the bright sunlight complementing each other. Pretty quiet journey and my
stomach is craving for food, or at least a cup of warm black coffee. It’s been
quite a norm to have a cuppa coffee whenever I’m travelling, but can’t have it
now, since I’m fasting today.

Well, can’t wait to go back to Malaysia,
although I did think of not going back at all to arrange some
accommodation-related issues. But I’m pretty excited to see the whole family
get back together and celebrate the Eid with each other.

PS: it’s pretty hazy/rainy out there now,
after 10 minutes of perfect weather. Unpredictable eyh?


Sorry, I couldn’t find any internet access
in Hull, and when I came back to Manchester, I was pretty busy packing up my
things. So here I am, in Dubai airport posting this entry for u guys.

and I’ll write about the trip and post some of my favourite pictures here later in part 2

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2 thoughts on “Hull (part 1)

  1. yot, ko balik msia for eid?

  2. Mohd Hariz on said:


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